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About Genetop

Genetop Biotechnology Co., Ltd, which founded in Hsinchu city in Taiwan in 2010, is a market-based and product-driven biotechnology company engaging in the development of virus detection technology in the area of plant , animal and food.

Gentop has built a fully-integrated biotechnology company by pursuing a business strategy that capitalizes on the management team's extensive expertise in the area of the virus detection biotechnology chip, development, standard operational procedure, and commercialization in Asian.


Senior executives at Genetop were recruited from major biotech companies in Taiwan. This unique expertise allows the company to focus on innovation and development of new product on the virus detection chip as well as to satisfy of customer’s requires in Asian markets. In addition, Genetop has formed marketing alliances in Asian and European and aim to establish the best brand image, provide better quality product, reasonable price, kind service and rapid turnaround in order to capture the rapidly-expanding detection market in the world.