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Orchid virus Detection Kit

  • • Orchid viruses is RNA virus outer shell coat-protein in dormant on the orchids, unless symptoms of performance can be seen by naked eye otherwise can not be found.

  • • Due to today’s orchid cultivation techniques of tissue culture ( Cell culture) therefore to choose a good breed orchid passing to the next generation could prevent mutation. Our product “orchid chip “ could help to detect the virus in the orchid in order to help filter bad one


  • • International aware the importance of the rise of virus testing due to the basic quality requirements for orchid therefore cause the tissue culture companies in such pressure


GeneTop Orchid5 Virus kit is a biochip-based detection kit and the best diagnostic protocol designed for detecting orchid viruses happened during orchid culture. This product can detect/screen out ORSV, CymMV, CaCV , CMV and PhSCV(expandable viruses number in the future). The single test can detect the 5 viruses within 5~6 hours simultaneously.

GeneTop Orchid5 Virus kit makes by using 3 kinds of molecular biology technologies – Viral RNA Extraction, One-step Reverse Transcription  Polymerase Chain Reaction (One-step RT-PCR) and Hybridization. Especially, it uses non-radiation colorimetric method. The operation procedure is simple and the result is accurate. Normal molecular biology examine laboratory / room is capable to handle it.

  • The samples suitable for this product are orchid.

  • This product is for qualitative use, not for quantitative analysis.


Orchid flower infected symptoms


Economic losses caused by orchid virus infected:
 •Orchids grow slowly and cause poor appearance.
 •Slow growth caused by instability of orchid deliver.
 •Too long time of orchid cultivation can cause increased costs and lower turnover rate of econmic losses.


The main symptoms of common types and chareacteristics of the virus:

 • CymMV, ORSV are both systemic infection viruses.

 • CymMV, ORSV, CaCV and CMV are necessary to detect the virus for export to Europe.

 • PhCSV is the Australian Quarantine of the virus for import.



• CymMV:Obvious symptoms are leaves with yellow gangrenous stripe or spots.Moreover the infection symptoms could also be transferred to other flowers.




• ORSV:Symptoms are leaf with yellowing irregular plaque. When the longer the infection the more obvious the symptoms are.




• CaCV:During the winter, new leaves appear with yellow ringspot and wheel-shaped plaque presented as the expansion of concentric circles.Sometimes symptoms cover on the whole leaves show the hollowed yellow line on the wheel-shaped plaque and ever appear the gangrene phenomenon.


• CMV: Leaves appear yellow stripe, fading stripes appear on petals and




PhCSV: Cause leaf yellowing spots.